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SENECT - Technology for the new aquaculture

Technology for fish farming

SENECT is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality technology for fish farming. The aim of SENECT is to enable safe, economical, animal welfare oriented and sustainable aquaculture production.

For this purpose, SENECT offers intelligent IoT control technology, low-maintenance sensors, reliable automatic feeders, a wide range of accessories and drum filters specially developed for aquaculture. The individual SENECT products can be combined to form high-performance systems so that complete farm control systems can also be constructed modularly from them.

Individual consulting as a basis for successful projects

Through personal contact, SENECT offers professional and solution-oriented advice and is your contact for all topics relating to the technical side of aquaculture.

In addition, SENECT offers engineering services ranging from concept development and water quality modelling to implementation planning of entire fish farms.


SENECT IoT control technology – Internet of things for aquaculture

Control in technical fish farming

The control in technical aquaculture farms is the most important component to ensure that all processes run correctly, energy-saving, safely and thus also economically. The SENECT control technology was especially developed for its application in aquaculture. Special attention was paid to the following points:

  • Application-oriented functions (e.g. filter control, feeding, oxygen control)
  • Reliability due to operation that is as maintenance-free as possible (e.g. maintenance-free sensors)
  • High quality: robust and durable products

The modular IoT aquaculture control system consists of sensors that measure water quality parameters, IoT control units that process the measured values and initiate corresponding actions, and actuators, such as valves, filters, or automatic feeders, that perform these actions. Above all there is the user, who can follow the measured values, states and actions live on a smartphone, tablet or PC with the SENECT Control App or intervene in a controlling way.

Some of the most common functions are:
Smart Aquaculture
  • Online monitoring of sensor readings (e.g. O2, water level) and alarming
  • Oxygen regulation, aeration control
  • Feeding automation
  • Filter control
  • Pump monitoring and emergency functions
  • Ozone dosage
  • Temperature control
  • Light control: Simulation of daytime variations and seasons

Due to the standardized, modular structure of the SENECT IoT control technology, it is possible to equip all sizes of aquaculture facilities and to make simple and uncomplicated changes or conversions afterwards. Thanks to the use of standardised modules and the Plug & Play connection concept, installation is quick and easy. Only a power connection and Wi-Fi are required.

The modular design also makes it possible to control fish farming systems cost-effectively and with a high degree of safety.

More informations about our products

SENECT aquaculture drum filter
robust, effective filtration and intelligent controlled.

Drum filter

The aquaculture drum filters from SENECT are characterised by their impressive quality, the well thought-out design and the perfectly matched IoT control including alarming and remote access.

The wear-free drive system, the lubricant-free bearings and the robust overall construction are the mechanical basis that ensures the reliability of the SENECT aquaculture drum filters. With its special woven stainless steel filter mesh, the filtration efficiency is enhanced and its stability allows manual cleaning with high-pressure cleaners. The sensor-controlled, water- and energy-saving automatic backwashing of the drum filters is also essential for smooth operation.

In addition, the intelligent control system with various cleaning programs (e.g. intensive cleaning) extends the manual maintenance intervals, reduces mechanical wear and prevents material damage (e.g. dry-running protection of pumps).

The IoT connectivity ensures a direct connection with the user - e.g. to be informed in case of deviations from normal operation.

The SENECT aquaculture drum filters are available in the standard version as open flow channel, semi-open and closed versions (with pipe connections) for flow rates from 100 to 1,840 m³ / hour. In addition, SENECT also offers the production of drum filters individually adapted to your requirements.

More information

Controlled water quality through smart automation with SENECT technology

Water is also a valuable resource in fish farming. Treating and reusing water not only reduces water consumption but also opens up new possibilities for improving water quality.

For example, the SENECT systems can control the temperature or influence the pH value through treatment. Also a treatment of the inlet water (e.g. firewall for disinfection, degassing, iron removal) is economically made possible by the massively reduced water consumption.

DSENECT's control technology is extremely efficient in the water treatment of technical aquaculture and can be used in many ways. The full functionality and strength of the SENECT control technology unfolds particularly when controlling entire circulation systems (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems = RAS).

With the SENECT technology, processes are automated and thus more precise and resource-saving. The networking and online monitoring of the IoT control units connect the circulation systems with the user, who can access sensor readings (e.g. as graphics), actions, states and statistics at any time and from anywhere and is warned of critical situations by alarm messages.

In addition to the technical equipment, SENECT offers expert advice for the realisation of your water treatment and, as an engineering service, the conception, design / dimensioning and planning of the treatment plant.

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Conception, planning and construction

The principle of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) is impressively simple and obvious: The water in which the fish swim is treated and can thus be used many times. This not only has the advantage that water consumption can be reduced by over 99%, but it also opens up completely new possibilities. Important water quality parameters such as oxygen can be set optimally, the temperature can be controlled and the closed system can effectively prevent the introduction of pathogens.

  • Optimal environmental conditions ensure the best growth and fish health.
  • The closed system prevents the introduction of diseases (biosecurity)
  • Predators are excluded

In addition to these advantages, recirculation technology offers the possibility of bringing the production of fish and crustaceans close to the consumer, almost regardless of location.

The disadvantages of RAS in comparison to traditional aquaculture methods such as trout farming in flow-through systems or salmon farming in net pens at sea are the higher degree of technology, higher energy consumption and higher investment costs.

For the success of aquaculture enterprises it is essential to evaluate the respective location factors individually in order to ensure the profitability of the planned enterprise. For example, the investment costs of a flow-through plant can be higher than those of a comparable recirculation plant.

SENECT works continuously on the technical further development of recirculation technology and combines the individual elements to complete systems. But the success of our customers is based on the combination of a solid concept, the technology based on it and good management..

Based on our know-how and practical experience - also through the operation of our own recirculation plant - SENECT offers the creation of sustainable concepts and the technical engineering of aquaculture projects.

Our team is looking forward to your request. Contact us!


Winner of the innovation award Success
Specialized in recirculating aquaculture

With SENECT, we have created a comprehensive control system that is suitable for many aquaculture applications, but which is particularly effective in recirculation systems. This development was only possible thanks to important experience in the construction and operation of recirculation systems, but also through cooperation with partners from fish farming practice and science.

We operate our own recirculation system which incorporates further practical findings into our product development and tests all new developments in real applications.

Reliable partner for the technical side of fish farming

Success in technical aquaculture can only be achieved if all the individual building blocks function. Our competent team is happy to devote itself to the wishes and ideas, but also to the problems of our customers and thus we work out functioning solutions.

Meet the team

Florian Mäck

Florian Mäck

Sebastian Geißler

Sebastian Geißler

marius Petrenz

Marius Petrenz

Sükran Tantik

Sükran Tantik

David Holp

David Holp

Dennis Radtke

Dennis Radtke

Tobias Jarnicki

Tobias Jarnicki

Leon Dittmann

Leon Dittmann


Selected References

Pontus Research Ltd.

Pontus Research Ltd.

  • Mess- und Regeltechnik
  • Brutfutterautomaten


Biofishency Ltd.

Biofishency Ltd.

SENECT drum filter in RAS
  • Drum filter
  • Water refill
  • Alarming & remote access


Fresh Coorperation

FRESH Völklingen GmbH

  • Mess- und Regeltechnik
  • Ersetzen bestehender SPS Steuerung durch SENECT MSR
  • Aquaculture Enginnering
  • Regelung von Hydrotech Trommelfilter via SENECT


Plantform Co

Plantform Co.

Measurement and control technology in an aquaponic system


Mark Lee Barramundi Farm

Mark Lee Barramundi Farm

  • Oxygen control
  • Automatized feeding
  • pH dosing


Smartpond Filter

Smartpond Filter

  • OEM filter control incl. sensors
  • App development


Lachsverein Hasper Talsperre

Filtersystem Kreislaufanlage

  • Planung und Konzeption der Umstellung auf Kreislaufbetrieb
  • Mess- und Regeltechnik
  • Trommelfilter


Vorfiltrierung Bachwasser


Vorfiltrierung Bachwasser
  • Trommelfilter nach Maß
  • Schaltschrank mit Leistungselektronik
  • Mess- und Regeltechnik
  • Alarmierung, Fernzugriff
Fischzucht In der Gegend

Fischzucht In der Gegend

  • Trommelfilter zur Filtrierung
    • des Einlaufwassers
    • im (Teil-) Kreislaufbetrieb

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